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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by special liberty, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. special liberty

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    I have noticed the vast majority of everyone is placing all their rod holders off the stern. As you can see in my avatar and the attached pictures I positioned them equally spaced around the back 2/3s of the boat. I fish a tidal river and by using 6-8 oz sinkers I don't have a problem with them all being pulled together. By putting them all the way around the boat I feel I can cover more area. My question is since everyone else is fishing off the stern is there a reason not to put rod holders all the way around the boat?

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  2. blackwaterkatz

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    I've got mine all around the boat like you do, but I use another homemade multi-rod holder for river fishing that allows me to put 4 or 5 rods directly out of the stern as I like, and also use th side mounted holders as needed. With the holders all around the boat, I can really cover pretty much any situation.

  3. jdstraka

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    Hi Tawn,I have put my rod holders all the way around the outside of my boat like Tommy, also it just makes them easier when i am fishing with friends especially when drifting for channel cat which we do quite often,and like you I can cover more area in a single drift.And when I am ancored in the missouri river fishing above or below the wing dikes I can place the baits on the current side of the boat,bank side,or behind the boat which ever the situation calls for.this works well for the type of fishing I do.Have a Good day,and Thank You for Your Service to Our Country!!!! God Bless J.D
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    I have 15 flush mount rod holders positioned equally, from the bow to the stern on both sides, and across the back. My boat is small, so this makes it alot easier for two people to fish with many rods, and hit several target areas. This also positions the rods out of the boat so that we have more room in. We even use an extra rod holder to hold the dip net out of the way.
  5. ncfowler

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    i have my rod holders spread out on my boats sim to yours, i use driftmasters because when removed there is only the baseplate left. also they have a right and left hand thread so they won't swivle loose (ie right hand thread on the starbor and left hand on the port side) i drift sideways alot using driftsocks and my trolling motor to control my drift i find using the whole boat as a platform gives me a larger area of coverage and when i do get a hook up i can easly land a fish with our getting line tangles. i find the angle of the rodholder is as important i use 0 and 10 degree according where i have them located 0" at the back and tip and 10's on the gunneals.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Gotta roll with what everyone has said. They are located all around my boat also.
  7. Abu65

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    Ive got them everywhere as well, when the current is strong I fish 6 out the back & one off each side, I use one of the extras that I'm not using to put my dip net in keeps it out over the side where its easy to get to & out of the way.
  8. Dreadnaught

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    I have rod holders in the front and back of the boat (2-front, 6-back) the reason for this is; it would almost be impossible to keep your lines from tangling in the current that we have here most of the time. I wish it was possible to use rod holders all around the boat, but it is just not practical here.
  9. Mr.T

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    Mine are across the stern of the boat for two reasons:

    The current on the Missouri River is strong enough (even when it's slow) that all your lines will end up behind the boat, so it's just as easy to spread the rod holders across the stern.

    When I drift fish, I've got the stern into the wind and rods across the back. Seems to be the most efficient place to put them - I hate drifting sideways as there's way too much rocking and too much surface area of the boat exposed to the wind.

    The only times I could benefit from rod holders along the sides of the boat are when I'm anchor fishing in the winter on a lake. Since I use DriftMaster rod holders, it wouldn't be a lot of work to install extra bases and reposition the rod holders if I wanted to. Might consider it for next season...
  10. fishhook

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    I have 14 driftmasters all along the sides on my SeaArk and Scotty's on both sides of my Invader and Scotty's across the stern rail on my Carver. When I fish the river in current I still use the side holders and just let more line out on the rear most rods and less line on each rod going toward the front with enough weight to hold the bait down.