Rod holder angles - Pros and Cons

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  1. Fishin'_Fool

    Fishin'_Fool New Member

    Moberly MO
    I'm looking to add some rod holders to my boat and was just wondering what angles seem to work best. List your preference and why you prefer, or why you don't like certain angles. Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. kat in the hat

    kat in the hat Well-Known Member

    Seems like you need to have adjustable angles. In heavy current, I like to have my rod tip lower, like maybe 15-20 degrees, so there's less drag on the string, and the rod tip isn't moving around as much. In calmer water, I like about a 40-45 degree angle for better sensitivity, and for "spider lining"...or drifting with my lines off the bottom straight down, I like the rod to lay almost flat.

  3. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Check out the Monster Rod Holders web site. They have a double and triple action holders that should cover any condition or angle you would need. They are a sponsor on this site.
  4. Todd Strong

    Todd Strong Active Member

    Cambridge, Ne
    Like Mickey said, check out monster rod holders. they are built from 1/2 steel with plastic coating. The double plays come 0/45 and 0/33 degree angles. the triple plays are not out yet but I see them coming real soon. The triple plays have the option of 0/33 and 45 degree in one holder.
  5. bluejay

    bluejay Well-Known Member

    Napoleon, Mo.
    I have 0/33's seems to cover what I need. Haven' seen a need for 45's yet.
  6. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Could not have answered better myself. Good answer to a good thread.
  7. BassMassey

    BassMassey Well-Known Member

    I beleive anyone's opinion will depend on wether you fish w/ your clicker and set the hook or tightline with a circle or khale hook. I like my rods at a 45 or even greater angle and let the fish bow it up.
  8. catfishscotty

    catfishscotty Well-Known Member

    in my opinion the most important thing is the rod holders are solid on the boat and sturdy as you can get them !!!!

    as far as angle the 0/33 duos is what works good for me or the single 25 degree

    ive been in boat with more angle and you have to look up so high to watch the rod tips its makes my neck hurt ,, or they have a high rod rack again having to look up

    i have mine so i can watch the rods looking straight ahead and its nice and dosnt make my neck hurt .

    Im a big fat guy so may just be me on that part or because i go fishing so much lol

    whatever angle works for you the best is what i would get and in my opinion the 1/2 is much sturdier and solid then the 3/8 ....

    1 thing about a boat with good rod holders on whatever brand and angle is truely awsome and worth it and ya wont be sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also ya never have enough on the boat lol addicting to say the least !!!!

  9. BigCatter54

    BigCatter54 New Member

    Oklahoma City
    I think you cant go wrong with the 0/33 dual action monster rod holders, i ave 8 of them and they work awesome. 33 degree angle is plenty high if you are anchoring, and like scotty said you dont have to look up in the sky to watchem like the 45's, and having the 0 degree is nice for drifting a lake if you arent dragging the bottom and leaving the bait suspended.
  10. Big Sam

    Big Sam Well-Known Member

    Booneville AR
    Well i use the 1/2 inch duo's double action from driftmaster. I love them!! Sturdy as all get out. I can use the higher angle for my double action Teamcatfish hooks when there hitting hard and i am trying to keep up with 5 rods or i can set them to a flat position for using bait clickers and letting them run...also the flat position allows me to drift straight down deep if i want too with my teamcatfish double action hooks. Get some tough rod holders 1/2 inch construction....You know i have friends that have all kinds of rod holders on their boats...i ask all themm "will that clamp-on or cheap rod holder allow you to grab it should you fall out of the boat...hang on to it and pull yourself back in?" Let alone hold a fish when he has it pinned down on a power pull?? To me strenght & size does matter...Just my opinion here:glasses-cool:
  11. plainsman

    plainsman New Member Supporting Member

    I don't know about boats, but I just stick mine in a pole on the dock, they stand straight up. I'm just fishing a lake with 15 lb max cats I think, tho I heard there are bigger one there. Seems there is a lot of slack line, and gives em time to pick it up and get it in their mouth good as they swim away. I like to watch the line tighten up then the rod bends waay over. Sometimes I have the drag set tight enough to hook em, sometimes I take a nap and the clicker wakes me up.
  12. Bigbluefisherman

    Bigbluefisherman New Member


    Well it looks like everyone said everything I would have. I have owned 0/33 and 0/45, I like the 0/33 better if you anchor fish alot. But no doubt go with MONSTERS!