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    north alabama
    1 does anyone have a dvd to sell or get a copy of?
    2 go with manual equipment or power
    3 where to buy the best blanks
    4 any help would be great because i just wanna do it

    thanks in advance brotherand sisters
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    Four Oaks, NC
    In my opinion the only media you need to get started is a hardback book by Dale Clemmons called Advanced custom rod building.
    Not only is it a great reference to refer back to as the hobby progresses it also covers the basics. A complete how to guide from the right way to install grips, reelseats, and to wrapping.

    Start with a simple handwrapping fixture. Once you see how you do and if you want to stay in it you can design and build your own handwrapper or power wrapping lathe.
    The ultimate is the Renzetti rod lathe. Power wraps 8 threads at once and you can turn grips using it as a lathe.
    I prefer to buy square stock for grips and turn them myself to get something that better fits my hand.

    Most people's focal point in a custom rod is the wraps. There is much more to a rod then the thread holding the eyes and what it looks like.
    The mechanical part of building the rod is what makes the rod. The visual is just eye candy.
    For instance, I can take a 30 dollar ugly stick rod and tartan wrap the butt or put a scenic weave on the butt taking 40 hours or more to do it.
    It's still a 30 dollar rod that just looks good and has better tuning then a factory produced one. The wrap has done nothing to add to it's performance.

    I've always pretty much built on the conservative/traditional side as far as looks. I always wanted my focal point to be on the rod itself and how much better I can build then a Chinese sweat shop but it's a form of art. You go where it takes you. For some they prefer the over the top wild and crazy look.
    I always went with gold Fuji eyes. It gave a little glitz and glamour to the rod but not overbearing with a nice contrasting choice of color for the wraps.

    Today I just buy. I can buy cheaper then I can build in the kind of rod I prefer. G. Loomis all the way is what I prefer. Willing to shell out the dough for it is a different story.
    However, I thought somewhere I put on my hobby list of things to do is to play around with some of those 30 dollar Ugly stick blanks. Better realseat, better eyes, and better grips.

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