Rod Building Question....?

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by dinkbuster1, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. dinkbuster1

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    just got into repairing and modifying my own rods this winter. made my wrapper, bought supplies, and just finished replacing/wrapping about 30 guides on various rods of my own and for a couple friends. one thing i forgot to get was the stuff you "Coat" the rod blank with. i thought you just used the same stuff as you use for the guides (flex-coat wrapping finish) but thankfully i found out that is not true right before i started mixing it up. rods have been sanded down to the paint on most of the rods due to moving and adding more guides. looking in the supply catalog i see "Rod Restorer", "Rod Varnish", "Rod Finish", "Permagloss", etc.... what exactly do i need to re-finish the rods?
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    I've used Permagloss with great success. It's easy to use, and is very clear and flexible when cured.