Rod and reel difference?

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by 813Fishing, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. 813Fishing

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    Will there really be much of a difference between a UL 4# line and my medium action ugly stick with 10#line? Will I get just as much hits on the medium?
  2. massa_jorge

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    there are so many variables in any type of fishing, especially with crappie fishing. i use 6# fluorocarbon on my crappie rods. i also use a 5' rod up to a 7' rod. some places you go folks will use a 10' jigging pole. it's all a matter of preference and what works with your setup. i would try the 10# line in your crappie spots, and let the fish tell you what works. might take an extra rod spooled with 6 or 8# and see if it really does matter to the fish, kind of a side by side comparison.

  3. anchorpuller

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    North Caro

    You'll get bit with the medium action ugly. And, probably, just as often as with the u/l. If the fish are aggressive and putting on the feedbag, there won't be much difference. But, if they are hitting light (and they do many times), you may not be able to detect the lightest of hits and not pull as many as you would with the u/l.
    If I'm tightlining with the rods in holders, I won't hesitate to use a medium action. If I'm jigging, I wouldn't even waste my time with one.

    Hope that makes some sense.

    Good Luck
  4. catter5000

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    I think you should use what your comfortable with.I use light action and medium light action rods anywhere from 4' to 7' with 10 lb line if minnow fishing. If I'm jig fishing I use a 7' light action rod with 6 lb line.Most of my crappie reels are bait casters because I mainly fish with minnows,but for making long cast with light jigs I prefer spinning reels.Allen