Rocky Fork lake 14 Feb

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    Went to Rocky Fork on Saturday evening worked on the boat all day so never got in the water till 5 oclock. Since the last time I went we marked all the fish and shad at the dam I immediately head there to fish. Cruised over the area several times making a few fish lieing on the bottom in 40 feet of water I anchored the boat and soaked some frozen cut shad for about a hour gave up and moved toward the head of the hole and tried again with the same results. Moved to where the creek channel started into the deep jole marked several fish there so tried again till the darkness and cold forced me to call it quits. As I pulled the anchor ,started the boat and went forward to swing the boat crossed over into some water that was 30 to 35 feet and marked fish like crazy. Continued up the edge of the lake following the same contour and marked fish all the way up till the water was only 25 feet. Thinking I was on to something anchored one more time and fished a point in 30 foot of water set about 30 minutes with a few taps but no takers, reeled in to change bait and snagged up both poles. Broke the rigs off both to get them out, never tied off the sinkers on lighter line like normal, what a dummy. Gave it up and went home about 8 30. I never caught any thing but the lake still had twenty feet of three inch ice around the edges and a surface temp of 33 degrees so it is cold. It does seem to me that the fish are moving out of the deepest water and starting to migrate to the shallower end so I see a potential for the near future to start hauling them in the boat. Also I passed over Paint Creek and they had quite a bit of water in it but when I went over it today they had already let most of it out. This should be good news for any body who would like to fish the lower reaches of the creek as they will have higher water for the next couple days..