rockford, illinois?

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    i was just curious if anyone on this site is from rockford? how was last summer fishing?
  2. g3l33m

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    Pec, Illinois
    I live 20 minutes away in Pecatonica but last year wasn't too bad although I started fishing late in the year. Caught decent channels at Lake Pierce in Rock Cut Park, the Rock River at Martin Park, the Pecatonica River in Pecatonica behind the fairgrounds and out at Trask Bridge park. Heard good things about a place in Rockford called the Sports Core but the morning I went to try it out the bank was full of other fishermen so I went to Rock Cut instead.

    But that was last year.... this year so far I've caught 2 decent channels (right around a pound or two) in roughly 11-15 outings using worms (which is what I caught everything on), cut bait, secret 7, G&S cheesebait, and live minnows. Can't catch a break so far this year.:angry: