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    Warner Rob ga
    Was wondering if anyone knows how to hookup a rocker swith ,It has 4 terminals on one side and 3 on the other it is a 2 throw ,i am wanting to hookup my lights so i can turn my navigation lights off and just leave my anchor light on .
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    Assuming your switch is an illuminated model, the 7th terminal is for a grounding wire to operate the light in the switch.
    Generally, the center terminals are for the hot lead from the fused battery supply.
    One set of the end terminals is for the device to be operated (anchor light) and the other set is for another device (nav light on one and anchor light on the other). This way, when the switch is up, you get both lights on, and when the switch is down, only the anchor light is on.

    Try this, get 2 bulbs, a battery, the switch, and some wire.
    Connect the bulbs to the switch and try several different hookups to determine waht you want and draw a diagram to use on the boat. Just don't forget to include fuses in your final installation (1 amo for single bulbs, 2 amps for multiple bulbs)