Rock salt or meat salt

Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by dinger66, Feb 11, 2007.

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    north alabama
    which will keep your shad lively and fresh? thanks in advance
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    NON-Iodized table salt is all I use. It dissolves better than rock salt and seems to keep my shad as good as the expensive commercial products. One of the state marine biologists advised that I use 1/3 cup for every five gallons of water. For a thirty gallon bait tank full of water you would need two cups.

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    Rock salt has a lot of stuff in it besides salt. Like rocks. "Meat salt" is too expensive.

    Go to the local mega-home-building store and buy a bag of pure water softener salt, the kind that looks like rock salt minus the rocks. Comes in a blue bag. Make sure it's pure salt (sodium chloride) and doesn't contain anything else. $4 for a 50 lb bag that will last you for years.

    But it's not the salt that keeps your shad lively and fresh.

    It's the water temperature, the amount of oxygen in the water, and most importantly, the removal of chlorine from the water. Plus you have to change the water regularly (at least once a day, maybe every other day). Chemicals (ammonia and nitrites) build up in the water and can't be removed except by changing the water.

    The salt helps replace some of the slime layer that the fisn lose and may help them live a bit longer. I use it in my bait tanks at the rate of about 1 cup per 20 gallons of water, give or take.
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    go to any pet store that sells fish supplies, and a place like wal-mart does not carry it . you must go to a pet store. but anyways they sell salt for fish tanks and I'm not talking about salt for salt water fish they sell salt that is for adding to your fresh water tanks it is used to help promote good helthy electrolites (GILLS) in all fresh water fish. It comes in a box , you can get it in 1, 2, or 4 lbs boxes I belive. I havent bought it for some time now because I just put a little of the salt water from my salt tank into my fresh water tank when I do partualy water changes and it is fairly cheep.
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    I go to the feed store in town and get "fine stock salt" at $3.88/25 lbs ... pretty economical that way. 1.3 cups per 10 gallons of water is the mixture rate I go by also.
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    All I've ever used is Non-Iodized table salt, some people like to call it "Sea Salt" or "Kosher Salt".

    I Buy it @ Sam's, I believe it comes in 3lb Boxes. HTH, Elliot
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    Will pickeling salt work?