Rock runners/bottom bouncer sinkers

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  1. rocky357

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    Question? I know that a lot of you guys that have cat fished a long time prefer to make your own sinkers, but if you had to buy a good sinker for drifting would rock runners or bottom bouncers work well for cats?

    Also in deep water say over 35 feet what oz sinker should I use? I'm fishing with 30 pound Cajun mono. I was hoping 1 ounce would work but I believe I'm not keeping good contact with the bottom? My troll speed this time of year is pretty slow, .3 to .5 mph. I was thinking I may need to go up to 2 ounce?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Hey Chad, I make my own up to 4 oz. use them all the time drifting the lake and Kasky river here, have been looking into a mold up to 10 for use on the sippi also, I like them work well