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Discussion in 'Handgun Talk' started by roondad, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. roondad

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    has anyone bought one of this company's 1911 clones? and if so what do you think of it?
  2. restorerancientiron

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    Cadiz, KY
    A friend of mine has one and he likes it alot but he did tell me he prefers the smith and wesson 1911 over the others he has.He has several of 1911's from kimber , colt , springfield , rock island and a custom or two.I liked the looks of the kimber but he has talked me into buying a S&W.After shooting them all I like the smith as well.I have heard nothing but good things about rock island armory and I would not be afraid to try one.

  3. NJ CLAD

    NJ CLAD New Member

    Nothin' wrong with them. Price is tough to beat
  4. Kip Brandel

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    Glasgow, Kentuc
    I love mine and am looking at another one. Mine has had some work before I bought it but it is a good gun. If you are looking at buying one cock the action and put your thumb on the end of the barrel and see of it moves. If there is any amount of movement the action is loose and the gun will not be consistent. If it is tight or only super minimal movement is it a better choice. A plus is about any 1911 parts will fit them where some of the others out there will not use many of the pieces on the market. I wanted one to play with and tinker on, I would have gotten a Kimber for a out of the box carry and shoot but If you are planning on having any upgrades done why spend money up front for something that is going to be removed from the gun anyway.
  5. mactheaxe

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    cartersville, georgia
    i had one for a while, one problem. if you buy one MAKE SURE the grip safety works. mine didnt. i put in new springs and everything. still didnt work. it shot pretty good, needed a little break in but i didnt mind workin on that. i replaced the barrel for a NM stainless ported and the spring for a stiffer setup that helped with hollow points and dampened recoil. you can definitely build em up. i lost it at a pawnshop because i needed money to fix my truck 1000 miles from home on a job. i went back for it and said, heres your money, they said uh uh, 2 day wait period. i told them i didnt have 2 days, i had 2 hrs. i was leavin immediately after my paycheck. anyway, buncha bull. im like, its in my name a##hole, hes like doesnt matter. you coulda fried an egg on my head goin out the door i was so hot. it was my personal protection gun for the less than reputable motels and rest stops while traveling. i bought all that, was gettin grips, and so on. i miss mine, i really do