Rock Bass and You

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    Every Flat head fishermen knows that live bait is the key to success about 99% of the time, but to save a little money and go with something a little bit more natural, something a Flathead, blue, or channel (if using cut bait). So here's a quick easy fast way to catch rock bass.

    What you'll need is some night crawlers of course, some type of small sinker or split shot(I use 1/4 oz), and a hook preferably a circle (small sized). Now after rigging everything together most people fish in about five foot of water for there fish with a bobber which is fine, But I have found that some of my larger and more numbers come off about 3 to 4 foot of water around rock structures. So with this said the idea is to feel fish with a 1/4 piece of worm and jig it on submerged rocks, fish the outside, the hit will feel like electric traveling through you line. This all happens within 3 feet of the creek river or lake shore. Don't be afraid to walk up and down the bank either. or fish the same spots twice as I find I catch two or three fish off the same rock

    Important part here so make sure you read carefully, if you leave the worm on the bottom behind the rock you'll have two problems. First be stripped, and two get taken under the rock with out feeling any of this. This way proves very effective and quick I can fill a 5 gallon bucket in 30 minutes, Size wise from 4 inch to hand size, this works not only on rock but for cover for blue gills.

    Types of cover I find these fish on is rocks(fished on the side of the rock facing out), log jams(fished very close to the bank), culverts (fished outside), under pontoon docks, and on drop offs or rock walls very close to the bank during hot spells.

    This a great way to teach kids about the strike on the pole and how to recognize the difference between a snag and a true strike from a fish, My wife's youngest brother which is four has a ball.