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Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by chris45601, Sep 12, 2007.

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    This past year me and my fishing buddy( my wife's 11 year old brother) have caught unbelievable amounts of rock bass and blue gills.
    So With this said, the best way to catch these little buggers with small amounts of time, take them smallest circle hook and about 1/4 oz sinker (nothing to heavy) put about 1/4 of the worm on said circle hook, the object is to fish underwater rocks, Jigging the worm and holding it off them bottom, the bite will feel like an electric shock going through your rod, fish as close as you can to the rocks, You must be quick because the rock bass will bring you under them, also they load up the rod quick, You can seriously catch them all night just like this, You'll also fil your bait bucket with various sizes nothing to small though of bait. It takes me and my fishing buddy about 15 minutes to fill a bucket. So good luck hope this tip helps you
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    I've found that rock bass are great catfish bait. :big_smile: