Robby Gordon in canada

Discussion in 'Wolfman's Nascar Pit Stop' started by Phil Washburn, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Phil Washburn

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    what do you guys think about that? ambrose absolutely took him out to pass. retaliation by gordon was the wrong thing, but na$car really put the screws to him by telling him he was way back in the pack. the yellow came out before ambrose took him is it possible for na$car to make him go to back to 13th?

    penalties should also be given to ambrose...and for that matter, harvick, after all, he took out pruett to bring out the yellow....

    na$car is nothing more than a political body that makes arbitrary decisions with little merit, much of the time:angry:

    not being a gordon fan tho, it made for a really entertaining race:smile2:
  2. Mark J

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    Phil, do you see the insanity of trying to referee cars with 700+ horsepower and a human behind the wheel in control of it?

    Thats what makes the county short tracks racing.
    The referee is drinking a Budweiser and whistling at the girls wearing daisy dukes.

  3. ryang

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    I saw that also Phil, like you said his retaliation was wrong and could have been handled alot differently. That being said that would have taken him completely out of winning (more than likely). It was a bad situation made worse by his attitude of not listening (wow kind of like my kids LOL). Wether he was right or wrong it didnt matter Nascar IMHO didnt want him to win or even be in contention why I dont know but Nascar is trying to be the be all end all and I think it sux. Let the peeps race and if there is a little dirty racing i.e. they want to win at any costs (so long as it doesnt put anyone at physical risk) let them do it.
  4. tufffish

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    i'm with you on that. nascar is trying to make racing into soccer. they don't want any rubbing any more. they throw the caution for a peice of foam rubber and then do things like this. if you are not fast enough to keep the guy behind you then what's wrong with a little bumper to the rear. if they are not careful we will only have passing in the pits like IRL racing. they just follow each other around, although it is at 212 mph.
  5. jim

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    I'M WITH MARK!!!!:big_smile::smile2:Nascar should let good looking girls in short shorts and halter tops drive and the Chippendales be pit crew..Better than a bearded Tony Stewart.:eek:oooh::wink:For once though I do see Robbies point.Didnt get him anywhere,needless to say and the Nascar officials explanation was really weak.I laughed my butt off when I saw the twin victory burnouts though.You have to admit that was funny.:smile2:At least it was more exciting than the Cup race!!!!Actually maybe Nascar should let the wives drive and the husbands keep lap counts.I havent seen any ugly Nascar wives thats for sure.