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    :worship:TO all my brothers i pray to the gods bro bro robb i think that a good idea about what we should call the sturgeon run but i think we should have the banner up so people can see us and so they want be trying to fish in the same area that we are because we are going to have alot of pole out there and why not let show everybody who we are and show them that we love this sport B>O>C brothers I hope that i'll not to hard on anyone but :sad2: if you look it it this is going to be almost a big trip for some of us and i must so a very very good one to so yes bro robb i did vote and it hard but i think you can call it it i no call it the BIG B.O.C STURGEON RUN hehe na just playing but i do think somebody should have a banner out there
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    Boy u a fool hehehe lol