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  • OK, time to clear some air. I left the BOC under my old name for a valid reason, it was not out of anger, it was not a rash decision either. I am, and was not mad at anyone from AZ. If you would like to know the reason, please feel free to call me 602 315 4189 . Explaining it on here will invite the same retards on this thread that made me make the decision in the first place. I did not want to see the AZ forum turn into the California forum, where there is nothing but bickering and fighting. That is why I chose to leave, like I said if you want the details, I will be more than glad to explain them on the phone. I thought for the most part, everyone saw that notorious thread that was deleted. It goes way beyond that thread. I hate drama. I just want to fish.

    I have been extremely busy. I saw where some think that is fishy, however it is verifiable if you like. As soon as I left the BOC, my sister-in-law had a baby at full term, but the placenta tore off the uterine wall and he went to long with out oxygen, they flew the baby to Children's First, where he lived seven days, then on the eighth, they took him off life support. So that week I had six kids to watch, my four, and her two, while she was in the hospital because my wife was with her the whole time. Then the funeral in Flagstaff was two days. To top it all off, my landlord was foreclosed on, and I had ten days to move to Chandler. So this last week has been nothing but that. I saw where some said it sounds fishy. If you would like to verify all this, it is simple. My nephew was buried at Flagstaff's Citizens Cemetery on San Francisco Street, his name was Charles Billison Yazzie
    . You can call there. Also, Garrett lives two streets from me, he can tell you I moved. Yes, all my fishing gear is at Brianthelion's house. I had to rent a small house for 60 days. It is very hard to find a house to rent that starts off month to month.

    As far as Matt is concerned. I went to his house to drop off 120 pounds of lead to melt into weights, and went ahead and told him to post what I was up to. It was not him stepping in poo poo or starting crap. He was simply updating what I was up to since the thread was "Rob MIA". Matt is a great guy, he can seem abrasive online, but is a stand up guy offline, I think what happens is there is no emotion is text characters, and people can take things the wrong way. i.e. someone joking and then taking that serious. I did happen to get out twice, once local, other not so local, and yes I did catch a 40 pounder. That is not Bull crap. I don't lie online or offline. I never have, and it is not my
    character to lie. It is something I just don't do. Yes I have pictures, I can show you in real life anytime you come fish with me.

    , I will be good on my word, I will take you out when things settle down. I promised you that last year, and my word is what I live by, and it is solid as cement.

    Whisker, 100 percent you have every right to be pissed. I do
    believe I cleared the air with you yesterday, but you did call me and invite me out and I never returned your call. That typically is not me, I usually call everyone back quite fast. I apologize for that.

    So anyways, I also am now done with my Broker License, and I have to start my rotation to TX starting next week. So I have been very busy, and I will continue to be very busy, and not have all that much time to fish. If anyone wants to know exactly what happened, I will tell you on the river/lake, or call me. Thanks~~Rob
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