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Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by on_the_fly, Mar 6, 2007.

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    was just sitting here woundering if any of you pick up road kill for their furs. I'll say that yes I have gotten two now one skunk and my old man picked up a mink for me. the skunk was only hit in the head and was not bad at all and the mink well it had alittle blood up behind the left eye but other than that its fine. I havent pelted the mink yet but the skunk will be coming out of the tanning solution today. I just didnt know if I was the only one here that gave road kill a good look over as I drive by or if there is a few of you that do too.
  2. yotetrapper

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    I dont know if we will all admit it, but i think we all do. I know I always have, and my fiance pete does too.

  3. tufffish

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    i pick up all the bobcats and fox that are not smashed to bad. they usually come out ok.
  4. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    My understanding is that in Oklahoma you cannot pick up the road kill unless you have a hunting license and the carcass was in season. If it is something as a skunk, I believe your required to have a trapping license. I know if you cut the tail off a raccoon or antlers from a dead buck, you can be cited by game wardens and I believe the state police for defacing wildlife. You may want to check with your stated department of wildlife and state police before you get too deep into the furs you forget to cover the basics.
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    I think most states have laws like this, I know Ohio does but here the game warden will give you a permit to keep it, sometimes even if the season is not in. I have a large male mink I had mounted that was a road kill my son had picked up not too far from my house on his way home from college.
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    i think their are a LOT of trappers in camanche, because the roads are perfectly clean. I have yet to stumble on a good pelt. I did however pick up a dead coon that unskinned brought my brother 16 bucks since he found it. yea if we can get away with it from the buyer than i think wed all do it!
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    If I had a current trapping liscence you bet your bippy
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    I have never thought about it but this will give me some thing to thank about:0a31:
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    Yall anit never been to Louisiana during trapping season have ya. :big_smile: We pick up anything that will sale and even some that want. I am going to tell yall about my fur skinning for the fur buyer last year. Yall will love this. He asked me to come down on the weekends and skin so his operation would be skinning 7 days a week and try to get all the otter out. See in South Louisiana they were catching so many otter they could not or would not skin them. They sold them whole frozen. My buyer had over 2,000 otter to skin last season. So he told his regular crew that he had me coming down to work the weekends. He told his best skinner I could skin 100 otter a day in a 10 hour day. He also told his best skinner to get me out 200 otter for my first weekend. Well yall know how many of those 2,000 otter my buyer had, were road kill? I never did find out for sure, but that first weekend I skinned 140 of them. They set me up with every road kill otter they could find in that freezer. They would dig through 20 otter just to get a road kill for me. I made it and went back 8 more weekends. I did get up to 162 otter in one weekend and I venture to say I don't think there are many people who could keep up with me on otter any more, unless they did it every day all day. But yes, I pick up road kills. No sense in them going to waste. Put on some ones back as a nice coat. And give the buzzards some computation.
  10. Wol

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    I had to have a State Trapper take some beaver off my hunting cabin land in northern Michigan. I chatted with the trapper and his wife one morning and discovered that they pick up road kill all season long. She drives over 30 mile one way to work and last year her fur check for the road kills she got was a touch over $700. I know, it is a lot, but I'll bet I see two coon roadkills pre mile of e-way on the way to the cabin, so might be close to the correct amount.
    I started buying a trapper license last year so I could pick up the ones I found that weren't trashed. Didn't find enough to bother with last year, but then again I only made one trip north. I hope this year to pay for my whole hunting fishing licenses with the fur check.
  11. Redd

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    I pick up everything in decent condition...'cept skunks....just my luck it'd miraculously come back to life, bite me...then unleash the inevitable spray it's been diein' to turn lose like old lunch meat you had for dinner the other night...:crazy:

  12. justwannano

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    SE Iowa
    I haven't trapped in a while. Had to have 2 hips replaced so the walking on uneven ground along with the mud and muck is a little tough.
    When I was trapping and prices were high I started picking up roadkill as soon as school started.
    Folks just don't pick up roadkill like they used to.
    Now a days I only drive about 5 miles to work so there ain't much roadkill.
    Heck there ain't even a county fur buyer here anymore.
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    I would pick up fresh road kill but I never have. My timing stinks. Im either too late or they are too badly squished when I find them. Found two mink last week. I was too late but its a spot Ill keep an eye on for next year........
  14. trap daddy

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    yes I would pick up a good road kill. But what I want to know is who you are calling the old man?