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    Ill be honest. I enjoy the experience of a river much more than I do a lake. I kinda feel like im in the minority. 99% of what I hear pertains to some lake some where. Rivers are wild and lakes seem tame to me. Rivers are also neglected and seem to be less respected by the general populace. I've ran into more than my share of logjams made entirely of trash on rivers. I dont see the same eyesores on most lakes. A few months back I busted a guy dumping diesel barrels from the top of a bridge on the north canadian where I live. It was during a severe T-storm and I was underneath the bridge. I hollered at him and he sped off. That has stuck with me ever since. I think back and fantasize about about chasing his polluting tail down. Anyway, since then Ive been thinking about why rivers dont seem to get the attention and respect they deserve. I have no answers. What do you guys think? Am I just drawing big conclusions from my small set of experiences? How often do you guys fish rivers? What is you guys' preference and why?
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    Not speaking from experience, just what seems semi logical to me. I think rivers are more favored targets for dumpers because of the thinking, the current carries the crap down stream and out of the area while lakes tend to hold on to it.

    Personally, I think the monster cats are in the rivers, and that's where I'd rather go hunting. Plus, I guess rivers tend to bring out the Huck Finn in most of us. It's not just fishing... it's an adventure.


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    Cats like structure and rivers are more structure orientaded. If there is a river connected to the lake, thats where theit gonna be in most cases. Rivers are more easy to find the cats.
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    Rivers tend to hold much larger varieties of fish due to the nature of thier ecosystems.
    Sure you usually catch cats if your fishing exclusively. But i dont know that many lakes where you can catch up to 10-15 differenct species of fish.