Riverbend Tournament Results?

Discussion in 'Gateway Catfishing Club' started by BigCatter54, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. BigCatter54

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    Oklahoma City
    How did the gateway cats guys fair at the riverbend tournament this weekend, havent seen any post here about it, maybe it has been posted somewhere else??:confused2:
  2. stlcatman

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    Imperial, MO
    Swamp and I fished it, we had a great time out there early on. Then it got Africa hot out there and we started seeing gremlins and all kinds of things that weren't there. We caught some fish but just couldn't find the big ones. I think we ended up catching 12 fish and weighed in 55.1 lbs. We finished 7th out of 31 boats. No money but it was cool to see everyone and shoot the sheet.

  3. Mr Okie

    Mr Okie New Member

    Buckdoe270 and I only caught 2 fish that weighed in at 30.4lbs. I am not sure where we finished but I believe it was around 10th or 11th place.
    I had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone. I am ready for another round. Maybe Cuz can get a $ tourney put together.

    Oh did I mention it was hotter than Hades.....I swear hell could not have been more than a mile away....
  4. russ

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    dexter. mo
    i made the trip, i think i was anchored up about eight feet from hell. i lost one good fish, but did put 7 or eight in the boat, then my fish spit up a large amount of corn that stop up my pump, had to reel it up with about a hour to go. i had two fish die. a 12 and a 14 pounder. that just kills me that the fish didn't make it, re worked my system so that cant happen again. but i did cross the scales with 40 pounds of live ones. sure needed the 26 pounds that didn't make it. but had a great time, and for never been fishing up there before i was happy that i did find a spot with some fish. it was good to see everyone as always its just as fun shooting the chit with some of the best the club has to offer. that was the reason i join the club from so far away.

    RIVER-RAT New Member

    MO / MT
    I pre-fished at the Winfield Dam and did pretty well so that was my plan the day of the tournament. Well once we got there I was greeted with the dam gates wide open and the fish had moved. :angry: We needed 26 ounces of lead to keep the bait on the bottom for cryin' out loud!

    Boated 2 fish with a total weight of around 20+/- pounds and after speaking to Ryan and Jason, figured I'd save me some gas money and just skip the weigh-in. At least I caught fish during this tournament! I haven't been doing so well this year fishing these day tourneys! :embarassed: