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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Did a little wading this afternoon on the White River, in search of smallmouths (I know I know, I confess to having a thing for fishing for smallies haha). Nice and overcast with a breeze and about 75 degrees, perfect conditions. Waded about a mile and a half stretch of river before I had to head in and only had luck in one particular spot. There's a bridge and on one side of the river there is a hole that everybody fishes in, then near the middle of the bridge theres a sand bar with a lot of brush on it, then a smaller section of the river on the other side of that, that is relatively deep with lots of timber. Well I waded downstream till I found some shallow water, crossed and waded back up to the sand bar to get away from all the other people fishing. Fished the small section of the river and this one little hole produced 4 smallies, all about 1-2lbs and a few rock bass. I was throwing a chartruece 2" powerbait grub with a spinner. Stopped and talked to a group of guys catfishing and they said the action was pretty slow, said the managed a couple of dinks in about an hour using cut bait.