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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by wiskeredwarrior101, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Ok so Ive seen many people fishing mid river where you dont see any top cover etc i know they must be on a hole or cover and such but how do we find a good hole or bottom cover and how do i know that spot will be anygood? if one of you masters of mid-river fishing could explain this to me i would appreciate it. thanks~nick
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    Nick, most of these guys are using fish finders to locate shelves, holes, and flat spots. If you do not have a fish finder, look at the top of the water. If you see a large boil of water that most likely is a hole or something large making the boil. If you pull to the side of the current you can also see a current break. This is a great place to fish. If the river you fish have dikes look for breaks in the dike..that normally means there is a large hole at the break. You can fish the front or the sides of any of these areas and catch fish. I have two fish finders on my jon and I look for holes or drop offs, good luck.

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    I agree with them most people use fishfinders, but I cant help ya a whole lot on this one sorry.
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    Can you find a detailed map of the bottom of your river? Something that shows one foot contour lines would be nice, but if you have deep holes five foot contours would be better than nothing.
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    Dave has pointed you in the right direction. You need to use a depthfinder to locate underwater rock piles, brush piles, holes, ledges, and humps. All of these features can hold midriver catfish, especiallly blues. You never know if a spot is any good or not until you try it a few times, but fishing underwater structure and depth changes is a good place to start.
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    That is wht you need to know. Now just go to the river and put it into perspective.Dont underestimate shallow areas near the bank or structure though.Depends on what ya want and where you can get.
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    The Iowa river below Wapello Iowa is sometimes shallower in mid river than it is near the bank.
    AND it can change daily.
    Its sometimes quite a feat to navigate it.
    The Mississippi is quite different. The channnel is dredged and the sand/soil is blown onto islands or shore. SO lots of times the middle of th river is deeper than near shore.
    Current can do strange things sometimes. It wants to run in a straight line and does except when it strikes an obstacle. Then it sorta bounces off and heads straight for the next thing that gets in its way.
    That current creates holes and undercuts.
    Catfish like the channel cat like the channel and flatheads like the undercut banks.
    hope this helps
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    Sonar is key to locating this type of hole. You must have it. As for determining if its any good. The only way is to fish it! Don't just give it one try either. If this is an area you fish alot then you have to give it multiple opportunities. Best case scenario is to fish it under different conditions. If you don't have or trust electronincs, then you have to look in the obvious places.
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    Bank fisherman like me just try to find our own hole and stuff to fish in.:wink: