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    Can somebody please explain to me what an Eddy is ????:embarassed: I have trouble with all these river terms. Thanks
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    In a river system an eddie it a isolated break/change in direction of the current in a river usually caused by structure on or near the bottom. Think of it as a "swirl" in the current. The easiest place to see one is off the end of a wing damn. Another example is to stick your hand or a paddle in the water and watch the water "swirl" around the edges. That swirl is an eddie on a very small scale.

    When talking about eddies in the ocean they are refering to a meander of a front (like the Gulf Stream along the US East coast)or current (like the Labador current near the Grand Banks) which has broken off. Warm eddies break off the cold side and rise to the surface and are realitively shortlived where as cold eddies break off the warm side of a front, slowly sink and may last for months. In commercial fishing, particuarily longlining ,they look for warm eddies which hold bait.