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    im new on the site and was wondering if somebody could give me some help with setting up for ohio river fishing off the bank. i got 4 ambassador reeels ready but am use to fishing lakes. would appreiciate any help.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Welcome Chas. Theres a bunch of folks on here that fish the Ohio. I'm sure they will chime in.

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    Welcome to the BOC. from Arkansas.
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    :0a25:Welcome to the BOC. Get yourself 4 9' to 10' casting rods,some 25lb+line,4 good rod holders, and some live bait. This should produce something for you. It works here in Pa. when the fish are biting lol.:big_smile_2: :cross:


    Welcome to the BOC Chas. There's alot of good info on here and plenty of great people who love catfishin' to help you out.
    Personally, I am too far from the Ohio to fish it, but there are several "general" postings in the library that might be useful (example: there is a great article in there on a floating rig that works well).
    Hope that helps. Good luck and good fishin'!!!:cool2:
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    Well from the bank your best bet would be to hit one of the dams.I have talked to alot of shore fisherman up at the McAlpine dam when im up that way and they do pretty dang well from the shore.The current is swift when she running and what ive expirenced there is alot of rocks but i fish from the boat.Your reels should have at least 20lb no less than that. I use 30lb berkley big game and i bet you could use it for anchor line it's that tuff.I also use big hooks 8, 9, 10 O Sizes.Use fresh bait like shad, skipjack,bluegills etc.Alive or cut into good size chunks you will be setting the supper table for flats, blues, or channels or who knows there are all kinds of monsters in the mighty ohio. GOOD LUCK
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    Walter Flack
    Chas, welcome to the B.O.C., best catfishing community on the planet. What part of the Ohio river and what species is your target? Flatheads...I would use a slip sinker rig on the bottom with alive bluegill,suckers or creek chubs. For Blues and channels...fresh cut shad or skipjacks. I use 40lb line on all my poles.
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    Welcome to the BOC. I have limited exposure to bank fishing from the Ohio. Just went about a month ago and it was a learning experience as far as the needed gear. A strong rod holder is a must - don't just set your rod down on the ground. The flow changes speeds coming from the dams that change in speed will take your rod for a ride if not secured. A long pole for long casts are also a must, 8 to 12'. A good reel - I use Abu Garcias 6500 and 7000 and also use a Penn 310 GTI. I use 30lb test on most reels, 30 to 50 should work fine. A good selection of different sized no roll sinkers 3oz to 8oz.Casting close to say Greenup dam 5 oz isn't big enough it will go down stream with the flow change, so get some bigger than 5oz keep changing till you find the right combo.Slow water you will need to down size sinker. As you can tell from the sinker heavy gear is needed, you will only be wasting time with say a bass rig.I use I guess a carolina rig; sinker, bead,swivel, 18" drop line then hook. I use 8/0 Gama. Away from dams you can gear down - I caught a gar as long as my leg on a 8' rod 6500 Abu with 25 test 3oz egg sinker, cut shad. If you're used to lake fishing the current will really surprise you , it looks slow until you throw your line in.Away from dams in the area I was at where it's swallow gars are a plenty.Take a medium action bass rig with small jigs and try for skip jack by dams for bait. I'm not an expert - just what I learned from my few trips to the Ohio. Good luck and be safe.
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    depends on where u go ... i fish all over from newburgh to evansville and caught good size fish 10lbs ... i dont go bigger than one ounce weights ... but they arent runnin water thru gates when im fishing ... so its a different story when they are running water.. if ur in my area .. i can tell u a couple of places to go.
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    Your reels are fine for the Ohio River. Just put them on a medium/heavy action rod with a sinker 2 to 5 ounces. Id use the kahle hook, anywhere from 5/0 to 10/0. It just depends where your gonna fish. Close to dams with alot of current may require more weight. Get yourself a good rod holder and get your line in the water. Hope this helps some.... rspd507