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  1. South Grand Laker

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    guys the last 2 days we've been killing the big hybrids driftin the tree and log piles right below the turbines on the grand river, wondering if anybody uses planer boards i'd like to learn that a bit to help me not to miss as many, and also i hate it when we loose a person but we lost one yesterday on the river from the bank we had to get out of the river, we need more people to be more aware of what can happen in the river, it hurts my heart to have to go through this, especially to think of what the family goes through when someone byhimself is lost with a members of the family at home not even knowing, alright well everyone don't forget to be safe
  2. CountryHart

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    Glad ya catchin em Matt and the river is a wonderful yet deadly place. I grew up on the lower end of White river and can't count the folks it's taken in my life time. Some good friends even. I'm not scared of it but have the utmost respect.

  3. flat_head_fred

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    yep there was a time when i was younger that a friend, his dad and i were on a river night fishing and he left us to get more bait. as we watched the water take away the sandbar we were on in the pitch black night. we couldnt even see the banks it was so dark. if we would have had to get of that bar i might not be typing right now.