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Discussion in 'ARKANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by Catter, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Catter

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    Osceola, Arkansas
    Would anyone be interested in making a map with everyones favorite fishing spots marked on it? Maybe we can take an existing map and edit the areas in on it, we could even include deep holes, underwater cover, etc. We could have a thread for each river/lake with an ever-changing map posted there that has all the information on it.

    I am mostly familiar with the Mississippi from around the inlet to the chute at Osceola to Sunrise island, but I would love to fish other areas. (especially if there was some information available of decent spots) 8)

  2. catfishkay_

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    I really like that idea, anyone else out there interested?

    Maybe I can get my son to draw up a few of the places we like to go around the Little Rock area..........

    Come on Arkansans!