River in charleston?

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  1. liveforcattin08

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    im not from west virginia so i dont really know much about your area but i think it was north or west of charleston there was a big dam on a big river, there were three guys fishin for flats and they say they catch some big ones. could someone tell me what river that is and if the catfishing is any good
  2. MattShannon

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    I'm guessing it is the Kanawha. I hear it is good fishing, but never tried it.

  3. tspergin

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    newark ohio
    the Kanawah river runs thru chas and the elk river comes into it in that area ,all of it is good flathead fishing ,also they have been picking up a few paddle fish that was at one time considered extinct.
  4. bigfish

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    Dunbar WV.
    i fish the kanawha river any where from 3 to 5 days a week. not a fish in this river dont even waist your time :lol:. all jokes aside my pb is 35 #s for flats, my partners pb is 30 #s, we catch channels in the 8 to 10# range on a regular. i hear tale of flats in the upper 50 # range landed all the time. i landed a 3 to 4# walleye the other day on my cat rig. for some reason the flat fishin aint been all that good this year. ive landed 21, 23, severl 4 to 5#ers. think it has something to do with all this heat, and the fact that the area we fish is only around 20 ft deep. but anyway if your ever in the area pm me we can go wet a line.