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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by hunterhnc20, Jun 23, 2008.

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    Buffalo, West V
    When fishing a big river what do you look for to catch flatheads? I know to find holes with rocks and debris with shallow water close by but what about in the bends of the river. Is it better to fish the inside or outside bend in the river or does it matter? My opinion is to fish the outside because the water flows into it making deep holes and it also washes debris into the holes therefore it holds bait fish. Just seeing what everyone else thinks.
  2. whiteriverbigcats

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    Neal, you have just answered your own question.. I would agree with you.. Cause I fish the outside bend too... When the watter washes thru there from time to time it will make a shelf under the water for flatheads to set on....

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    cant help you with a "big river" sorry. i can tell you that we havent caught a flat from a "hole" yet this year. all our flats have come from shallow water day and night. after the spawn they will rule the deep water again.