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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by catfishcalhoun, Dec 9, 2007.

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    i have grown up fishing pits , lakes with great sucses . two years ago i moved to an area where the wabash river runs only six blocks from my house ive tried to do my research on how to fish it but have had very little luck the only spot that ive found so far that seems to hold alot of fish is a twenty foot hole thats right at a ninety degree bend in the river every where else the deepest holes are maybee ten foot with not many fish in them this big hole i found is full of fish but have had almost no luck fishing itive even tried all the log jams within about two hundreds yards of the hole . can anyone tell me what im doig wrong ? i know there are lots of fish there and some big ones ive marked them on my fish finder but cant seem to get them to bite so i usually get frustrated and go back to the pit and lakes .i would apreciate any help i can get i always hear and read about the big ones that come out of the rivers but cant seem to do any good
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    I havent fished the Wabash river that much with the exception at the mouth into the Ohio river. Inside and outside bends tend to hold good numbers of fish in the main channel of most rivers. Holes that have good structure to it will hold bait fish and you should be able to catch cats there. Also try fishing the mouths of tributaries into the river.

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    could be the bait your using or the presentation of the bait to them.Try live bait or cut bait see if that dont help.
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    Welcome to the BOC Brian. I'm new to river fishin' myself, but I would suggest finding a bottom feature that is similar to a spot you were successful at when you were pit fishin'. If nothing else, it would boost your confidence. Your first chore should be to get 10 posts. That way you will have access to the photoes and other attachments that really make this site smokin'.
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    Welcome to the BOC, Brian.
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    What types of bait are you using?
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    Maybe its the rigset up your your using along with the bait. Are you getting any bite at all. If your getting bites then the fish are there but the set up has go to be changed a little. Make sure your suing a slip sinker rig so the can't feel the weight of the sinker. Try small hooks along with smaller bait. I like to say there not always hungry, but they like to nibber between meals so give them a small snack. Also try fishing the seams of the fast water and slower waters fish tend to hold in these areas as well. Good Luck and tight lines
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    maybe try to find different holes or slopes in river. fish the upcurrent areas.

    move a bit . they will be somewhere but maybe not where you would expect..

    I like the outer edges of curves. may depend on time too. later they move in towards shore. sunny and warm they tend to find jams and holes.

    keep jumpimg around and you'll hook em soon... good luck
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    I fish rivers mainly now the great miami river, the mad river and the little miami river the best thing I have learned two things one scouting out the area of the river you fish and second is learning how to read the river itself. one finding where the tributaries feed into the river, finding the deep hole finding structure whether it be weedbeds, rocks fallen trees and timber, bridges locks etc. river levels from season to season. also every year seeing what has changed on the river you fish. I am not the greatest fisherman but realizing this has improved my game. :big_smile: