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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by ozarksnick, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. ozarksnick

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    I saw a thread by a fellow who fished rivers looking for advice on fishing lakes.

    Well, I fish mostly ponds and impoundments and would like advice for fishing rivers.

    I've been out to the rivers a couple times but the only thing I manage to catch are tree limbs and the like.

    While my next door neighbor regularly comes home with nice eatin'-size cats from the same river.

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. Southernraised84

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    What river are you looking to fish? Is it a big river or a smaller river?If you need any help just pm me and i will anwer any question you have about fishing rivers, thats all i fish and have been fishing for most of my life.

  3. ozarksnick

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    It's a smaller river. Folks that are used to seeing the Mississippi or other such river probably would call it a creek!
  4. crazy

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    Kansas CIty, MO
    Smaller rivers are easyer to fish if you ask me. Just look for any kind of snag in the water and fish it. Also fishing where riffles leed into a deeper hole. Small bends with any kind of water depth are good. I also like to fish where the mud turns to rocks.
  5. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Catcaller, adding a point to your Reputation doesn't seem enough for your advice above. I'm contacting a Moderator to see if your post can be added to the BOC Library. It deserves it! Great post.
  6. davesoutfishing

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    I would have to agree with Kutter great post
  7. doughboy

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    well i have read your psot and i think it is one of the better ones i have read . with that being said i am also going to give that techinque a try will let you no how it goes .thanks agian for that great post
  8. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    where do u live at? we have lots of creeks but they would be call rivers up north.
  9. mudcat_xpress

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    Beckley, WV
    That was an awsome post. I think it's great that your sharing your secrets to help others out. And it sounds like you know what your doing. So,good luck.
  10. ozarksnick

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    CJ, I live in west-central Missouri.

    Catcaller, that is a great post, and I'll have to look for an opportunity to apply it, but I don't think it'll help with what I'm thinking of.

    The river that I have access to isn't a whole lot more than a very large muddy ditch. The banks are so steep it's hard to get close enough to cast sometimes and I pity the fool who'd try to wade this one. ;)

    Not to mention that it is chock full of submerged trees and such.

    It seems like a great place for catfish, but a terrible place for catfishermen.

    Does anyone here fish rivers with a float? I was playing with that the last time I was out there. It was nice in that I didn't get hung up much at all, but then I didn't catch any fish either.

    Anyway, please keep those tips coming. And thanks again!
  11. Catcaller

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    Ozarks...there are several creeks in my immediate area. There are the Neosho and the Spring rivers...both have numerous feeder creeks ranging in size from a small river to more or less just a muddy ditch like you describe. Although there are fish that make the journey upstream in these smaller creeks...and some will call it home...but there will be a denser population of fish that frequent where ever the feeder creek dumps into the larger creek, and even better where the larger creek dumps into the river. I have alot of luck fishing tributary inlets along especially the Neosho river. There will be so much brush and logs jammed up in some of them that you cant take the boat in at all. I have bank fished and caught a few flathead on a carolina rigged black perch or punkinseed. Just toss or drop the perch into a log jam and wait. sometimes I'll wait as long as 5 hours...sometimes more at a spot that I have confidence in. Heavy line is necessary as is a stout rod...attempt to pull him up away from the bottom, because a 25 lb flathead can find all kinds of trouble in those log jams and fallen timber on the bottom. Patience is the key. Something will come by and take a swipe at your bait sonner or later...but the river/creek channel is my absolute favorite...some type of structure inside that is ideal. There's always something there...you just gotta hack it off enough to finally take your bait. I have had limited success using bobbers...I prefer bottom fishing...if you get hung up...just hang tight for awhile...a solid bite and run might get you untangled.
  12. skeeter1onu

    skeeter1onu Guest

    sounds like you are fishing in what I call feeder creeks. I used to fish in a lot of these when I worked at the coal mine ,some of these creeks were only 10 to 15 feet across but were teaming with chanelcats. try fishing close to cat tails if any. don't fish any more than 3 to 4 feet from either bank . If you can buy roster liver in your area give it a try, it's a lot better than regular chicken liver. its tougher and stays on better, also I would never set my clicker. I would just cast my line and set my reel down on a crutch I had made out of a forked stick when a fish takes out enough line turn the handle on the reel and bingo you got a fish. take lots of hooks cause they swallow them almost every time. by the way I never used a weight the liver is heavy enough so your reel will cast.I use this same system in ponds and lakes, but when I fish the ohio river Its totally different by the way you can try other baits with the same results. otherwise crazy had the best advise he hit all the right spots. good luck.
  13. fwmud

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    Wilson's Mills,nc
    Since I put my boat in "drydock" and am doing repairs, I've been fishin a lot more creeks and private farm ponds.
    The little creeks and ponds do hold some decent cats. We've been using ultra-light setups. I call it practice since any decent size fish will snag and break the 8lb test.
    After a lot of snags and breaks I'm startin to learn to either stay just above or float by the obstrution. I've had 50/50 luck with bobbers/floats.
    In fact my friend said it looked like we bass fishing because of the amount of cast and retrieves. Basiclly its casting above with a pre-set dept and letting it float by obstruction. Then reel in and do over as necessary.
    matbe this will help. :)