River fishing updates- what your doing and where

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    Fished between lock and dam 4 & 5
    found fish in the dredged channel next to the bank
    in 15 to 20 feet of water. Used cut shad, 4-0 gamakasu hooks
    carolina rig( ie sliding sinker). I'm tending toward treble hook. I lost fish this week end by trying to set the hook to soon. They were diffinetly biting but it was not hard feeding, just picking up the bait and swimming off. I had my reels on free spool with the clicker on, I must have missed 5 to 6 fish that picked up the bait but didn't swollow the hook. One of the guys in the B.O.C. told me about treble hook fishing with cut bait. I like the technique so far. All the fish I missed were on single shank hooks. Although I caught some fish on the single shank hooks I think If I had been using larger treble hooks I would have had more hook ups. You just hate to leave the river and go to the bait shop for more gear. Anyway gets your butts out there, I got a feelin there about to start biting. I didn't do the dam this weekend so I'm not sure about the dams. Good luck and good fishing .