River fishing this past weekend anybody

Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by Titghtline, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Titghtline

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    Anybody get out on the rivers this past weekend. The rain kept us at bay for most of the weekend. Put out a few jugs with gills on them but had no luck. We actually put them out at 8 and had to get them a little past nine due to bad weather. Probably give it another shot this weekend.
  2. treddinwater

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    We are desperately needing the rain here, the White River up here is really low. Hit one of my spots lastnight with a buddy of mine, we had one hook up the whole night, a nice 7lb channel cat on a live bluegill. That was actually the only bite at all lastnight in 3 hours of fishing. Don't know what it is, but I'm just not having luck on the river this year.

  3. fcrnnngbck25

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    Lafayette, Indi
    I went out yesterday during a downpour and sat under the Attica bridge and caught a nice 7 lb channel. Few gar and another cat nothing really monsterous.
  4. ironcat

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    my buddies and I went out on the white river on Sat night and had no luck at all. The water temp was 80. I'm wondering if their spawning. It might be that the river is really down though. Does anybody have an idea on what might be going on. We talked to some other boats on the river and they all had the same problem. But just last week the flatheads were biting really well. Just seems odd that the channels are hard to catch thanks IRONCAT
  5. Catman_Chuck

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    Went to Markland Friday night. 2 Blues 8-15 lbs 1 Flattie around 10 and 1 7-10 lbs channel. All shad bites no gills. no heads worked all bodies. I think the Blues are spawning both blues tails were beat up and red. Atleast if they get red tails during spawn. Maybe just a coincidence