River fishing near Fayetteville

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  1. bearsfan

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    north carolina
    I was thinking of putting in a riverside in fayetteville. I am using a small jon boat with trolling motor. I am curious how the river is in that section (depths wise) and how is boat traffic throughout the week. Does riverside charge for launching? Thanks for any help. I tried searching for info it didn't work.
  2. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    The current is pretty strong at Fayetteville most of the time.
    The biggest drop in elevation the river makes is from Lillington to Fayetteville.
    I dont know about the trolling motor.
    Riverside does charge a ramp fee. 5 bucks last time I used it. Day or night.
    The current is alot different down around Elizabeth Town.

  3. fwmud

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    Wilson's Mills,nc
    jeremy, do you mean an electric or gas trolling motor?
    Some idiot(me) went down river and ran out of gas there one time. I had a 4olb thrust motor and it wasn't doing much more than keep me in one spot.
    Good fishing there though.

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    If you do put in at Riverside they cost 5$ and go up river. I have used a trolling motor on a 14ft fiberglass boat around there. take a while to get to the spots but you can make it. A small jon boat with a 40lb should do good down through there. Go up river you will go under a bridge that has debrei on the right side and a sand bar on the left. Go around the next bend and fish on the right side by downed trees and you will get some good bites and blues down through there.