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    Hoked up with Cathooker for a little fishing yesterday, wasn't expecting to much with the big wind blowing through the day before, and not much flow on the river, but it was supposed to be a nice day, and I wanted to hit my secret hole to give it a work over, so we headed up to the river,,,

    Got there at about 9:30 area and what a surprise to see Sir Richard Simms, and two other boats sitting right on top of the hole I was going to try out, Man you cant keep anything quiet around here... anyway we set up on what we though was a good area, set the hook and put out the lines,, and for the next couple of hrs got to watch the other boats catch the fish "nothing for us" including "as he had to come over and tell us " a really long fish by Mr Simms "Great Fish"

    After what seemed like a long time waiting on the fish "Alan I think had had enough of my way of fishing" said lets try to do a little bottom bouncing while we trolled around, me not doing this very much I was eager to see a pro in action, and it started out even " Notice I said it started out" Alan caught one a nice fish about 14, then I caught a nice little fish about 8, Then Alan caught another one, then I lost one, and that was the beginning of the schooling, for the next couple of Hrs Alan consistently caught probably 8 more fish to my 0, however I lost a really good fish on my big pole when a Palamar knot broke on a rig that I had not re-tied in a couple of trips,"rookie mistake" , oh well, at one point " there where still several boat around us, not catching anything" we could here the words come from across the water, "man they have another one" and "what are they using for bait" which is always fun...

    Around three it was like someone flipped a switch and all of the boats at once started up and headed for other places, and we had the place to ourselves, I don't know if they started generating or what but the fish turned on for the next couple of hrs we caught a bunch of fish, at one point I caught 4 or 5 as fast as I could got them in the boat which " almost " evened things up with me and Alan, Almost, We caught several back and forth for a little while longer and called it a day...

    All and all it was a good day on the water with great company, We ended up with somewhere around 20 fish give or take, the water around the nuke is right at 50, and the wind wasn't to bad most of the day, big fish was a tie with two right at 17LB " I think Alans was a little bigger but we are calling it a tie" and as small "mine" at about 4 lbs , My thumb is sore as everyone could here from the fish biting me while I was holding them, and I'm sunburn, But it was a Great day of fishing and Thanks for the ride Alan , I would share a back seat with you anytime..

    Hope this wasn't to long, but can you tell I had fun:wink:

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    Hey John, sounds like you had a great trip! Thanks for the report and pictures.

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    at this rate you will be on you're 50#er in no time....perhaps after february is over we can hook up for a trip.
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    glad you all got a few cats. looks like you all had a great time. thanks for the report bro:big_smile_2: wish i could have been there:sad2: one day again i will be there hehe. thanks
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    Congrats John, sounds like a good day to me!!!:cool2:
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    Great trip brother, congrats on the catch and good luck in the future