River boat ramps?

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    Floyd county,KY
    How the ramps in your area? Im tellin' ya the boat ramps Ive checked on lately around here are in very bad disrepair:sad2: Theres no way you could launch a boat in my closest Big Sandy boat ramp for the highwater, silt,mud and drift trash. If that wasnt bad enough the water in front of the ramp has been washed full by all the highwater. Bet its not two feet deep for 50' in every direction around the ramp:angry: I know thats no ones fault but man its aggrevating.....
  2. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    The Salt River ramp is not too bad. There is a lot of trash and the ramp is rough, but the water is deep and there is usually not too much traffic. I have seen better, but I have had no issues.