River at Ozark

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    Thought I would post a report on the River. A friend of mine put his boat in this past Saturday below the dam and fished from midnight to 4:30am. They caught 12 blues up to 8 pounds, all on cut shad. Anchored under the powerline.
    I had heard the day bite was picking up, as I have had my butt whipped the past 2 trips down there at night. Sure has made for a long drive back up to Fayetteville, but maybe the night bite is picking up again. I might try the day down there, but really like fishing down there at night.
    If anyone is doing any good, please keep us all posted if you don't mind.

    I do have this question: Is the Dam at Ozark a good place to fish in the fall and winter? If so, do I keep with the same bait/shad and fish right around the dam?
    Thanks for any help.