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    Bluff City, TN
    I've Spent My Life Fishing Lakes, Ponds, And Still Water But I've Never Done Any River Fishing, I've Gone About 3 Times Now To A Steam Plant On A River, About An Hour From My House But I've Not Caught Anything But A Soft Shell Turtle. I Fished On The Bottom, I Used 1 To 2 Ounces Of Weight, I Got Hung Up Alot, Lost Alot Of Tackle. I Fish From The Bank ( No Boat ). I Used Cut Bait, Goldfish, Bluegills,shrimp,nightcrawlers, And Liver As Bait. Can Anyone Who Fishes Rivers Please Give Me Some Advice On What I'm Doing Wrong Or What I Can Do Better , How To Keep From Getting Hung Up On The Bottom So Much, How Far Out Should I Be Fishing From The Bank. All Advice Is Greatly Appreciated.
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    i learn alot from those around me.

    I prefer to spend my time on the water, minding my own business and going about catching fish. However, I have learned a WHOLE lot from those fishing around me. When someone is catchin fish and i am not, i just stop and watch them. I try to see what they are doin differently than me.

    What bait are they using, how far are they casting it, how much do they let it sink, how fast do they retrieve it.... a lot of information can be gleaned from just watching what successful fisherman are doin. A conversation is always good, too...but some folks do like to talk much, while others do.