Rising river - But still clear water, catfish won't bite - Any ideas?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by stonemaster, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. stonemaster

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    versailles, ky.
    The Ky. river rose about 2 foot yesterday and it was clear. I tried everthing and could not get a bite. I have been having some luck before this so I know the fish are feeding. Any ideas what I should do?
  2. flathunter

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    I would say the cold fron the passed threw shut them down for awhile.

  3. treddinwater

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    I'm in agreement with the 2 previous responses. I've found when the water is up some and still clear is an excellent time for cats.
  4. FlatGetter

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    If you're fishing a river find a slack water spot, or current breaks.



    If the rivers flooding nearby woods or pastures you might try there. I've made some good catches that way. You might also try going very shallow, fishing near the newly submerged banks. Then again, it could be the weather;) .

    Good luck

  6. bud_rabon

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    It happens everywhere even here in alabama caught two fish all weekend
  7. vacatfish

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    bedford virginia
    If the mods would like to take this article and edit it and use it feel free to.

    When the water rised thats feeder creek fishing time. most catfish head for the creeks that feed into the main body of water.

    If you can get up into them you will find them. when fishing the feeder creeks try fishing the bends of it if the bend gos to the right fish the left side in that bend what happens as wayer flows in and out the bend it washes sand or mud out of the bank making that the deeper area in the creeks, catfish will hang in them areas. do the samething if the trun gos to the left.

    When fishing the area like this make fan cast starting at the back of them and work your way back to you casting from one side to the other being sure to cover the area well.

    Area with down trees, larges rocks, or brush piles are key areas for them to be.

    Using cut shad, creek chubs, chicken liver, are some good baits to use.

    When fishing the areas always remember to keep your bait off bottom atleasy a 1ft to 1ft and a half.

    Reason for this is from one catfish to another each catfish on the top or bottom lip have a over bite, a over bite is when one lip sticks out more then the other.

    With this when you bait is all the way on bottom it makes it hard for the catfish to pick the bait up and hold it. this is where the pick ups and drops start happening cause from trying to get the bait the fish has done got a mouth full of sand, or mud, And with there mouth already full with that they let go of the bait.

    With the bait off bottom as i said all they have to do is swim into it suck it in. this helps them hold it longer and better giving you better chances at a good hook set.

    I hope this is to some help good luck with the fishing.