Ripples and footprints.

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    The things you are taught when very young stay with you. The world I've grown into is very different than the one I anticipated. My outdoor mentor as a boy taught me "You leave ripples on the water and footprints in the woods; that's all. This is your home as much as the one you go to with your parents. You wouldn't leave a big mess for your mother would you?"
    It bothers me when I go on an outing these days. On the water, cans and bottles float by my boat, (hardly ever see a bobber though). On the bank it's old line, garbage and twice this year I've even seen hooks...Hunting I see food wrappers and cigarette butts on property that's posted! We can't keep the poachers off. It saddens me. What do you other folks think happened to make our brothers and sisters lose so much respect for something we should still be in awe of ?
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    The older generation who grew up 'knowing better" always wants to blame the younger generation for the current state of affairs -- "kids these days!"

    But it occurs to me that it was the older generation's responsibility to make sure the younger generation was properly taught right from wrong.

    So where does the accountability lie?

    Personally, I think the moral fabric of the country started coming unglued in the early 1960's (before I came along). Folks who were kids then are the ones running the country today; I firmly believe *they* stopped teaching their children and laid the foundation for the problems that are so widespread today -- the lack of care for our natural resources is just a minor manifestation of those problems.

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    I think you are correct. Consider this. Women wanted to be treated the same as men. For some stupid reason they didn't see they were already the more important of the two. They already had the most important job in the world. The best the world has to offer can't happen without women raising children but somewhere along the line this was forgotten. Women decided they wanted what they had and everything men had.

    Business is not stupid. It is the duty of business to provide us with what we need and in exchange they get all the money they can.

    Women wanted to work so business made a home and car cost two pay checks. Now most women are not happy and we have no one to raise children.

    It is a shame on mankind but at some point in the future we will make a law saying that an adult will raise a child. Smart humans must be told to raise kids. Now isn't that something.

    To many people don't care about anything except this very moment. It seems the future has been forgotten.
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    when they removed punishment from school and home , they also removed respect and self discapline . you cant teach without force in some cases , too many i dont cares , i dont want to's , how can you conveince some one to take better care of what you like if they are allowed to do as they wish .
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    I agree about being upset about see trash all over the place. I take my 3 year old son fishing with me, and it is hard enough trying to keep up with him, but now I have to do that and keep him out of everybody elses trash. I make it a point everytime we leave the lake to tell him that we have to leave with everything we brought. He understands he is not to leave garbage around.

    It wasn't that hard to get the point across to him ... why can't every parent do that ... except 99% of the time it is the parent that is leaving the garbage for my kids and everyone else's kids to play in.

    please be respectful of nature and everyone else ... pick up your trash. Your brought it in, you can bring it out.
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    It's not just kids that have no respect for this planet we call home. I see plenty of guys who are way old enough to know better tossing out beer cans, candy bar wrappers and whatever kind of trash they have . I see burned out campfires on the sandbars all the time and at least half of them are full of empty beer cans and anything else that didn't burn up in their fire while they were out there "enjoying mother nature.\" I find monofilament everywhere I look on the river, sometimes huge knots of it that could choke anything from a catfish to a Canadian goose. It's sad , I think a lot of things that are wrong with this country today stem from the garbage that surrounds us on the television and in the theaters todayand even on the radio. How can we expect the younger generation to have respect for anything when all they see , all the time is violence against people and the planet and everything on it. I love camping and I love all the things that should go with it, like the night sounds of owls,whippoor- wills and coyotes and the occasional splash of a big fish or the squawk of a disgruntled heron or a beaver smacking his tail at you. But now if you camp on any sandbars in this area all you get to hear are the boom boxes and it doesn't matter if they are at the other end of the island , they have to crank it up so the whole river get's to listen to their music, like I said, it's sad. But the saddest part is I don't see it getting any better. I'm done, just bums me out thinking about it.
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    Another point to ponder.....The world's already overpopulated as it is, and you have unresponsible people(not married, no job) who can't take care of themselves bringing more kids into the world with no FAMILY to bring them up. These kids experience a bad life right from the beginning and never learn right from wrong, and how many of them turn to a life of crime, violence and drugs? If it doesn't start from the top, how will things ever change? I don't see it getting any better...
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    I also agree that it is shameful to see the trash floating in the water.On some recent trip I spotted from the bank a huge plastic trash container floating down stream.Thats terrible.People have no respect anymore.:sad2:
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    I know what you are saying. I try my best not to just "toss" my trash and just walk over and put it in a trashcan or a plastic bag depending on the location. Me and my friend know this lake that we catch scores of fish on and we know if we diss thier land that they are not going to let us fish there anymore. If i have to cut line i just cut it and either put it in my pocket to throw it away later or I walk to a trashcan any throw it away there. Sometimes its me setting the good example and picking up other peoples trash. they see me and i know that sometimes that they feel bad and sometimes they stop fishing for 5 minuts to pick up thier trash and sometimes other peoples trash. Dont go calling me an indian but it makes me sad to see people littering.It i gut a fish i either throw the rest to the crabs at saltwater or in frestwater i use the guts and bait them on a hook. If every fisherman just spent 5 minuts cleaning the ohio river everyday, those waters would be so clean 20 years from now it would be amazing how clean they would be. You could take your families there or grandchildren there and eat the newer healthier fish and have better conditions to fish in. Those are my opinions.