Rip rap channels.

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    Not that channel cats are exactly my forte' or anything but, I do have alot of infomation on them. Let me know if this is becoming tiresome to anyone, and I will stop.


    Some rivers contain miles of fishable riprap. Catfish, especially channels use the riprap for feeding, shelter, and to spawn. Some anglers will follow them... to the riprap. A split shot rig, with... sigh.. a nightcrawler is a very effective way in exploring the riprap during there annual prespawning and spawning periods. imo using a 7 ft rod with spinning tackle is best suited for this situation. If you desire, a piece of shrimp or crawfish can help the odds of a snag go down. Lets say for the sake of arguing that, the fish are in 5 feet of water. Situate your boat at about the same depth and execute long casts parralel with the rip rap. After the bait reaches the bottom, drop the rod tip so that it is pointed at the split shot for the enitirity of the slow retrieve. Once a bite is felt, set your hook on him. This is a very effective way in catching a few channel cats on the rocks. I personally like this rig in the early spring when I can't quite get a flathead bite yet !