Rip-rap along the railroad?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by CatHunterSteve, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. CatHunterSteve

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    Snowville, Va
    Along the New River in southwest Virginia we have several areas where the railroad tracks parallels the river and you find rip-rap of pretty large boulders forming the banks of the river for 100 yards or so which prevents erosion, would this be an area to concentrate on as far as finding channel cats or even flatheads? I am not sure just how far this rip-rap goes out into the water.
  2. idahocatfisherman

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    one of the holes i fish here in idaho has the same thing and has produced for me as far channels, i try fishing the edge of it off the bottom but have to reel hard and fast when retrieving my line or else i snag the hook up on the rocks.

  3. Canadiancatman

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    Manitoba Canada
    I agree with Justin reel fast or you'll be donating lots of gear!! I like to fish the upstream section of it right on the edge of similar areas as well as the downstream section big ol channels love this kind of structure slip floats are awesome too if you get too many snags. Spend some time poking around these areas and I'll bet you'll be very happy with the results!! Let us know how you make out! :big_smile:
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    Id fish it,those cats will get up under and around those rocks for cover,especally if theres alot of bait fish around.Also around the time they spawn would be a killer time to fish that area.