Rio Grande

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    Hoxie, Kansas
    Has anyone here ever fished for cats on the Rio Grande? I have inlaws in Albequerque and I'd like to fish while we're visiting them. My wifes addicted to catfishing too so it makes it easy to go.
    Also, any ideas on where to fish? I'll admit to being absolutely clueless about fish down there. What baits to use, etc.
    Are there even cats in the river, and is there any size to them? Will 15 lb line be enough, or too much?
    Any help I can get will be most helpful. Also wouldn't mind hooking up with other BOC members too! John
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    I live about 200 miles east of Alb. John ,but there are cats in the rio, flats achannels and i believe blues also. Id check on the local coffe shops for what theyre biting on best, and pick up a copy of the regs ,as there are some places that are quality trout waters near there and Im not sure on the regs . especially with live bait.