Rio Chama blw El Vado NM

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    Ooooh man what a day. The 3 of us started out right at coopers tossing jerkbaits. On my 3rd cast I get slammed by a 7in chub that felt like a 10lb brown. So the chub went in the pack. We decided it would be best to hike down a while before we start fishing. THE FISHING SUCKED! The water flow was at about 50cfs. and there were quite a few dead fish in the ice around the river. So we hiked are arses all the way back up to the truck and plan to move up the river. I snapped a few scenery shots then my damn camera went dead! Oh well. So we keep heading up and I keep catching suckers! At this point, I'm saying to myself "What the hell is this?" So I keep going and Gerard's dad lands a beast of an 18" bow. Gerard was catching quite a few 10" stockers. So we decided to head over to Brazos just to check it out, since the fishing wasn't too great. Brazos was mostly frozen but in the rapids we each caught 5 or 6 little browns. Afterward, we headed to Heron for some bait chucking. I got a nice bow right away. The other two each tore up the carp and suckers. It was a great day in all, had a lot of fun getting out there. I lost my wading boot though.

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    Nice little water hole.

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    Seth great pic and all in all sound's like you guy's had a blast.