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Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Darkangler, May 19, 2009.

  1. Darkangler

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    Hi i'm new to catfishing in the missouri i've not been fishing in many years i was wondering what kinda rigs you guys use i've seen alot of people say the Caroline sliding rig works great if so should you reel the line tight or leave some slack for the fish to take off with also heard bottom finder rigs are good where the sinker is tied to the bottom and you tie a loop about 2 feet up and put the hook on there..I'm bank fishing if that makes a difference...Any help would be great.:smile2:
  2. Welder

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    A 3 way slip rig ya cant go wrong set up like a carolina and insted of a weight use a swivle and about 10 inches of tag line and enough bank sinker to keep it down. It will keep it out of the bottom and the lil bait eating bugs and a lot of snaggs in the river if ya fishen dikes.:wink:

  3. catchaser19

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    I agree with welder. Another rig is the coralina but is of little value from shore. if ya throw the carolina from shore with a egg sinker or somethin similar. It will just roll along the botto and end up were ya dont want it. The three way rig welder recommends is a good one. I say give it a go, i have also had good success with a bottom bouncer straight below the boat. its just a wire in the shape of a l with a lead sinker in the middle. They are popular in the walleye crowd. Any other questions just post em or shoot me a pm.:cool2:
  4. Mo.Hick

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    Madison Mo.
    Welcome to the BOC Darin. Glad to have ya brother. I use the carilina rig myself. But I fish from a boat 100% of the time. Use bank sinkers or no roll sinkers and that will help keep your line where you want it when fishing in current.

  5. fishingbuddy4

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    Warner Rob ga
    You cant go wrong with carolina rig ,but this year i am trying differents things one pole with carolina rig one with 3 way and one with 2 dropper loops and i am keeping track of which one has a better hookup.
  6. theonecatfishbob

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    Wright City, Missouri
    I like the weight on the bottom. Especially if I am fishing the rocks. It lets me keep my bait exposed even if the weight is hung between the rocks. And sometimes I can get the hook and swivel back from a hangup. If you have a clean bottom such as a sandbar a slip sinker rig is the way to go.
  7. jlcperformance

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    moberly, missouri
    i use either a slip rig or the 3 way rig like what john jamison uses...u can see this rig on a video of his by going to myoutdoortv.com and looking up some of the catfish america shows...that is where i learned it from....good luck and hope u find something that works for u.
  8. Blade4130

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    Welcome to the BOC:big_smile:

    If your using more than one pole try one a slip rig and another a three way and see which one you like most. I tend to use a slip rig more than anything as a no roll sinker will generally keep my bait where I want on the MO. If it's a rocky bottom or anything like that then I prefer to go to a three way from shore.