Rigging Live Bait for Catfish

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    Original post made by William Sipes(Riverrat) on December 9, 2002
    Rigging Live Bait

    This is the way I rig them, but there are a multitude of ways to do it.
    Shad: Nostrils or just in front of the dorsal fin. Don't hook them through both lips, that'll kill them pretty quick.
    Bullheads: Probably the hardiest baitfish I've ever used. Hook them just about anywhere that doesn't puncture a organ. If bottom fished, they like to hide. Cutting the tail fin off keeps them from being able to sit in one place.
    Bluegills: Between the tail and the dorsal fin.
    Chubs: Just in front of the tail either on the top or underside.
    Drum: Through the nostrils, or just in front of the tail, on the underside.