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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Switchback XT, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Are there any states that still allow some type of rimfire or centfire weapon for turkey hunting? Just curious, don't think their would be because of the fact that it would be much easier to kill them.
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    This info is coming from another forum, not anything official. Heard them saying its legal in Oklahoma and Virginia for fall season. Most states its illegal.

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    ky, totz
    its illegal in ky for safety reasons because while everyones in full camo it would be easy to not see someone on the next ridge and if the rifle round passed thru then they may get hit
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    It is/was legal in Colo during the fall season.I seriously question the safety factor because during deer and elk season there are far more hunters out there in full camo etc than there is in Turkey season.SOme states allow primitive weapons including blackpowder.After all most of the turkeys harvested by our forefathers were with blackpowder rifles ,muskets etc.As far as easier to kill I don't know about that,it seems to me that the birds are just as smart regardless if you are using a bow ,shotgun or rifle.A rifle allows hunters afield for other game like deer to harvest a turkey during the fall seasons and sometimes lets you reach out there a little bit in the wide open spaces of the west.I actually testified before the Colo Game and Fish commision back in 1990 when the director proposed banning rifles as "un ethical" The commision held hearings and in the end decided from the Turkeys prospective it wasn't a question of ethics at all as they were just as dead be it by shotgun or rifle.One of the members of the commision was a beautiful young lady that was a very accomplished hunter and very well informed.It certainly made it more interesting to hear this young lady speak on the subject when it was obvious she had done her homework and knew more about the subject than her male contemporaries.:smile2:
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    I live and hunt here in VA. I'm not a turkey hunter but have killed them with bow, blackpowder, shotgun, rifle, and car. The only thing easy about killing them is doing it in the spring. Killing a love sick Tom is a hollow kill. Call him during the fall or winter and kill him , then you have done something. Any oldtime turkey hunter knows what I'm talking about.