Ricky Williams

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by Ketch, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Ketch

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    Are the Dolphins grasping at straws? Or does he have something to offer? If he starts Monday night, and they win, I sure don't wanna here that Williams is their savior.
  2. tufffish

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    when ricky was at the university i met some of his linemen. a couple of them went fishing with me on the texas coast. my daughter and her friend were dating these two guys at the time. they told me how dirty and bad ricky was. he put on a good front for the public and did not let anyone know how bad he was. i don't feel sorry for anyone who could have all they wanted and are to stupid to keep it. he still has not learned how to be a good citizen.

  3. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    The Dolphins are in need of a lot more than Ricky Williams can bring. I'm surprised they just don't severe ties with him after he disgraced the franchise. I guess desparate times call for desparate measures but I think I would have told him thanks but no thanks. It seems smoking weed is far more important to him than his career, teammates, fans or the Dolphin organization.
  4. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    I hope he does good. I took a chance and drafted him in my 101 league. I needed a running back real bad.:smile2:
  5. LilRyjoe04

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    Hey Ketch, Ricky is good for something, smoking a joint in the endzone.LOL!! He was playing in the Canadian Football League last I heard, before that he was on an island smoking up all them pots.:smile2:
  6. Little Luey

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    I hope he does well, but I know the odds are against him big time. It is true the Dolphins are desperate or they would not have taken him back, they are looking at 0-16 for goodness sake!
    I would be desperate too.:smile2:

    As a person I hope he has his mind in order, I hate to see someone with that much talent being so mentally disturbed. I don't think the pot bothers me as much as him saying he does not want to play or that he needs to "find himself". If he really has the desire to play I think he can do good, if the NFL is in his mind a way out of his mess up situation he will strugle even more.