Ricky Carmichael moving to Nascar

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    Motorcycle racing superstar Ricky Carmichael had his inaugural tour of the NASCAR world last weekend at Phoenix International Raceway and it was a whirlwind event.

    Carmichael, 26, a native of Clearwater, Fla., who currently lives in the state capital of Tallahassee, is a 15-time American Motorcyclist Association champion in Supercross and Motocross, amassing a career record 144 event wins.

    The next step in his career is NASCAR, and Phoenix was his introduction. He was the guest of MB2 Motorsports owner Bobby Ginn and co-owner and general manager Jay Frye, for whom he'll toil next season as part of the organization's driver development program.

    Carmichael took a break on Sunday morning to meet with the media and discuss his motivation to go stock car racing, how he perceives the challenge, the path of his short-term career and the impact of having Mark Martin as a teammate.
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    Yah! I see where he may drive Marks car some of the races Mark is relaxing!

    He has the fight and hunger. Wants the money. But many talented drivers from other series with car experience couldn't cut it. Will see!

    MB2 with the new owner and his billions should be a team much like Hendrick. Wouldn't it be ironic if Mark was to win with a part time ride and in a Chevy! LOL

    Ricky will learn quickly because he has the IT factor. He just might make it! Ha! Sorry for the pun?

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    If he has the skill to drive he will have a heck of a teacher in Mark!