Richmond - Pipeline - Sept. 26

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by Steve Knox, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Steve Knox

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    Richmond, Virginia
    Fished a couple of the holes above Pipeline Rapids this afternoon. Fished almost four hours and only caught one fish - a blue that weighed 22 pounds. Nice fish, but a lot of waiting time to catch him.

    Has anyone been to Pony Pasture lately? Is the flathead hole still producing? I was out of town on vacation two weeks, so this weekend is the first time I've fished in three weeks. In another couple of weeks it'll be too cold to wade, and the flatheads will be gone anyway. Almost time to move below the fall line.
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  2. Paraguayguy

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    The catfish guide Mike Osterlander told me one time that Flatheads through the Fall Line rapids of Richmond was a Memorial Day thru the Worlds Series fishery. Anytime before or after those dates, you're better off fishing for Blue Cats. I have spoken to some guys fishing east of downtown Richmond and they have picked up some flatheads. Could be they have already started to move downstream to their winter holes.

  3. Dallison

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    Steve I was at Pony Pasture last Sunday. I caught 3 between 10-15 within 15 minutes then 3 hours later a huge 25lber. It was a long wait for the biggest one. I saw Ostrander and his little boat. They caught some small ones.
    I'm going to try to go one more time even if I have to freeze in the water.
    good luck