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    I just got myself a sea worthy vessel and I'm real close to RC. Can anybody give me some tips on where to start lookin for them big blue cats this spring? Ive caught a few around cedar creek but nothin real big. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    The flats around the mouth of Cedar Creek are usually pretty good. Also try up around the north end of the Chambers Creek arm near Old Lake Corsicana. Most of the shallow flats with timber will hold fish. Also try any of the main lake points or wind blown banks. Just be careful on the main lake with any wind. That lake can get pretty rough in a hurry. Be careful and good luck to you.

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    Fish the south west part of the lake west of the railroad tressel. Once you are west of the tressel, watch to you left for timber. There will be a lot of it and you will find it 3 to 5 foot deep with shallow defined drainage channels in it. Bait up with live perch. This is a killer place for big yellows and blues. Catfishjon