Richland Chambers 7/1/07-7/4/07

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    went to the lake with my friend, stayed at a house near the lighthouse, or the maraina (not sure which marina it was, the one near the dam) we caught 40+ cat fish (12inch-24inch) 3 carp, 3ibs, 6ibs, and 12ibs, 1 aligator gar, about 2 feet long, and 2 sand bass. sand bass where hitting in the cove the whole time we where there, half the time when they started feeding we werent ready so we only wound up with 2, all in all i think it was a good weekend, all 3 carp where caught in cast nets while all the cats (chicken liver, cut shad, and whole shad), gar (cut shad), and sand bass (slabs and spoons) where caught on rod and reel, we also caught a catfish, a sand bass and a hybrid in the cast net?!?!
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    Glad to see someone had a chance to have a good time. Good report.